Thu, April 09

Letter: All things considered, Prop. 445 a good investment in Clarkdale


We just can’t escape it, in the mailbox, on the television, or on our car radio, politics is everywhere. It seems every television and radio political advertisement we hear has twisted some slightly factual information into a totally different message to make us love or hate someone or some movement. For Clarkdale residents we will be voting on Proposition 445, a 10 year bond for public roads.

Please consider the true facts when you make your decision. Road building and maintenance is funded by a formula based upon Highway User Revenue Funds (HURF) which are taxes collected on fuel and gas sales in the state. Those revenues are then distributed to counties, cities and towns. For the county, our formula was based upon population, number of miles of public roadways and the number of gallons of fuel sold in the jurisdiction.

Assuming the formula is the same, let’s look at what Clarkdale has to work with:

• Population – 4272

• Miles of public roads- 35

• Gallons of fuel sold – I cannot answer that but I do know there is only one (1) service station in the town boundary. Of Clarkdale residents, how many of us fuel at the Clarkdale facility?

Do you know that HURF has not been adjusted for inflation or changed since 1990? Prop 445 is proposing a bond to improve public roads but some roads, such as mine in the Black Hills neighborhood, are beyond maintenance and will need replacement. As you drive, ride your bike or walk around your neighborhood and Clarkdale, look at the roads. Cracks are where moisture gets in; moisture causes the subgrade to expand under the pavement. This expansion causes the asphalt to break and next comes the potholes.

When a community does not have funding to fix or maintain roads and the roads get bad enough, the only affordable option is to rip out the old pavement and return the roadway to a dirt surface.

I do not like taxes, but I believe the loss in home value on an unimproved road is greater than the assessment I will pay for the bond.

Chip Davis

Clarkdale, Former Yavapai County Supervisor

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