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Camp Verde’s NRL Mortgage a ‘one-man show’
Housing industry a ‘vital part of our economy,’ John Smoley says

John Smoley recently opened NRL Mortgage in Camp Verde, at 567 S. Main St., Suite G. VVN/Bill Helm

John Smoley recently opened NRL Mortgage in Camp Verde, at 567 S. Main St., Suite G. VVN/Bill Helm

CAMP VERDE – Born and raised in a Southern California community called Glendora, John Smoley first entered the real estate field in 1977.

Just 21 years of age, Smoley already knew that there were limits to working for someone else.

“Workmates were telling me of relatives and friends who got into the real estate sales career were doing very well,” Smoley says.

Since then, Smoley has worked in sales, has been a real estate broker, formed a corporation and founded Regional Lending Services, Inc., which he closed in 2011.

A year ago, Smoley moved to Camp Verde where he recently opened his NRL Mortgage office. As a loan originator since 2011, Smoley said that NRL Mortgage is a “direct lender, offering both the standard mortgage offerings as well as non-standard products to help with the self-employed borrowers, or others who do not fall into today’s cookie cutter, one size fits all guidelines.”

Though a self-proclaimed “one-man show,” Smoley works mostly out of his home office, but keeps “traditional business hours” at his business at 567 S. Main St., Suite G.

Call Smoley at 928-615-9940 or 909-821-1305 or email at

The parent company of NRL Mortgage is in Houston, Texas.

Though Smoley is “not yet involved” with social media, he has recently installed a “very user-friendly teleconferencing application,” called ZOOM, “which will allow a face-to-face conversation, and be able to review documents remotely.”

Talk about your professional background

“I worked as a sales associate for four years, and then upgraded my license to a real estate broker. During the 11 years working in real estate sales, I bought and sold and managed many properties, so I have experience as property owner and landlord,” Smoley said. “During this time, we saw 18 percent interest rates and learned of alternate ways of buying and selling homes, which ideas still apply today when trying make an unusual transaction happen.  

“I then worked as an associate broker till 1988, whereupon changed over to being a mortgage broker. In 1989 formed a corporation and founded Regional Lending Services, Inc. which continued on to 2011. I closed the business due to all the changes that came over the industry after the 2008 crash.”

What does NRL Mortgage offer its customers?

Provide financing for residential properties, pre-approvals, purchasing and refinancing.

“Being a resource for realtors, financial planners and related businesses to get renters turned into homeowners, working with step-up buyers and investors looking to buy or sell,” Smoley said.

What do you think about the Verde Valley’s future?

“With the completion of 260 corridor and the resultant commercial and residential development, opportunities for housing, jobs and more businesses will be available,” Smoley said. “The housing industry is a vital part of our economy.”

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