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It's not a new rule; golf course strolls not allowed after first tee time

Gwen Hanna, VOCA Board President

Gwen Hanna, VOCA Board President

When our golf operations team discussed our Oakcreek Country Club walking policy for non-golfers in one of our board meetings, we received suggestions for spreading this message in newsletters and articles since many simply didn’t know our policy.

Some thought that this restriction was implemented recently, but in actuality, this straightforward requirement has been in place for many years: No walking of non-golfers on our course any time after first tee time.

Several expressed disappointment in not being able to walk their dogs on the course later in the day. It would be nice to allow walking at dusk, but the golf course stays open through sunset for golfers who play in the late afternoon. We can’t predict when the last golfer will finish, and that time of day is even more dangerous because of the lack of light, which makes it increasingly difficult for golfers to see walkers.

VOCA/Oakcreek Country Club allows non-golfers to walk on our private property, as one of the ways to foster community spirit and involvement, and we certainly don’t want people to get hurt on the course.

Getting hit with a golf ball is extremely dangerous and the last thing golfers want to do is hit and injure someone. This would be devastating for both the walker and the golfer -- who is paying to play.

Extra patrolling has recently become necessary, by the staff and the sheriff, because of excessive non-golfing activities. At one point, our staff counted over 50 people on the course after first tee time. They’ve observed the greens being used as a picnic area, kids playing with buckets and all, in our bunkers.

Although we get some angry responses, people have been generally cooperative when our golf team politely approaches those in violation. Many indicate that they are visiting, or renting and were given permission by the owners. That being the case, we ask owners to educate your visitors/renters about our policy for non-golf walkers.

We also encourage the use of our VOCA Park (also known as Kiwanis Park) located adjacent to our VOCA building. It’s available to the entire community, and accessible throughout the day. There’s a playground with sand and rubberized safety surface for kids, tennis/pickleball courts available at a modest fee for membership, or for pay-per-play, a basketball court for shooting hoops, and benches to sit on.

We have a Ramada with picnic tables to escape the sun and cool in the shade. We have plenty of grass for leashed dogs to roam, and plastic bags for waste pick-up.

But here again, dog owners who walk on our golf course have commented that the park is not a pleasurable experience because some dog owners let their larger or misbehaved dogs run without a leash, while others don’t pick up after their furry friends.

Our request: In this small community of limited resources, please help in co-sharing the responsibility of properly using our facilities and services.

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