Tue, Oct. 15

Commentary: Time to put campaign rhetoric aside and go to work

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who supported my candidacy and actively participated in my election. I am grateful to citizens who personally endorsed me as well as the Cottonwood Police Association and the nationally recognized AZ Conference of Police and Sheriffs (AZCops), and our local Sedona/Verde Valley Firefighters Association. All amazing organizations supporting our public safety professionals, and involved in making crucial decisions affecting their future.

I also appreciate those who donated to my campaign, and those special people who did the actual leg work, including posting signs, handing out flyers, those who provided suggestions as well as a shoulder to lean on, and those who pushed outside their comfort zone and went door-to-door. It’s always fun to knock on doors and speak to the people that really matter out there!

In a recent article in the Verde Independent by Editor Dan Engler, published August 30th, I was heartened by the fact that “someone out there” recognized the vitriol and character assassination attempts directed at me during this election season.

It was incredibly disappointing to read that an opposing candidate continues this campaign of spin and misinformation even after successfully securing a spot on the City Council.

Despite this, I am expecting that all the successful candidates will step out of that sphere of criticism and condemnation to find common ground and begin addressing those things that truly matter as we serve the citizens of the City of Cottonwood.

Finally, I am particularly thankful to the voters who came out this election season. During the last presidential election in 2016, the City of Cottonwood received a total of 4,603 votes cast for three council candidate spots.

This year, which was not a presidential election year, meaning we typically have a lower participation rate, we actually received 5,431 votes cast (as of this date) for the same number of spots. Nearly 1,000 more votes.

This is a great testament to our citizens and I believe this is a trend that will continue. Our citizens realize the importance of being involved in choosing the leaders of their communities, both locally and nationally. Thank you for coming out to cast your vote and make a difference.

Kyla Allen is the vice mayor of Cottonwood.

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