Sun, Dec. 15

Letter: Congratulations Alex Barber


I would like to congratulate Alex Barber on her primary win in Jerome and wish her success moving forward, as she undoubtedly will have a full plate on her agenda.

I am confident that she will address the needs of the community with a common sense approach, utilizing her knowledge of the town’s progress over the last several decades.

It is inspiring to see someone who was born and raised in Jerome, ascend to the level that she has accomplished.

Alex and I were both born in Jerome only months apart, in homes located in the gulch not far from each other.

Anyone who lived in Jerome during this time, knows how extraordinary the bond was between the residents, and the extreme efforts that were put forth by our parents and friends, in order to make the town a better place for all who lived there.

I believe children and adults alike will benefit from Alex’s tenure, as she understands the challenges, as well as the abundant rewards of growing up in Jerome.

Jerome has changed much from the time we were kids, but one aspect that will always remain is our love of this town and the people who live there.

Good job Alex!

Ian Martin

Former Jerome resident who now resides in Juneau, Alaska and works for the Alaska State Dept. of Transportation

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