Mon, Dec. 09

Letter: Clarkdale: Don’t take easy path and simply ‘sock it to the property owners’


The September Clarkdale utility bill statements enclosed a letter with some news about proposed Prop. 445. It mentioned that there are a ... limited number of taxable transactions that are currently subject to sales tax in Clarkdale ... The operative and important word here is “currently.”

This is a lame excuse by tax policy makers and I hope they become much more engaged in finding other sources of revenue for street repairs than to simply “sock it to the property owners.”

In July, I wrote a letter to local papers objecting to just that and firmly noted the town should explore modest taxation of some sort to pay for the street repairs. My position has not changed. I.E. the streets are used by many thousands of visitors yearly. Do not tax the few for the benefit the many.

I know of no one who would balk at a fee of one or two dollars levied upon any number of recreation or entertainment events in or related to Clarkdale. I think such a fee should be considered unless specifically prohibited by local or state laws.

It could be applied in small flat fee amounts. Some examples: annual home tour, both museums, and River Adventures Days, each event $1 per person. Wine festivals, $1 per each bottle sold. Kayak rentals and train tickets $1 each. Rain Spirit RV Park $1 or $2 per night. Raise the hourly rate of Clarkdale Clubhouse rental $3 or $ per hour.

This is just a handful of ideas. I’m sure there are others. It is not my job to finish formulating this income idea, but I see no reason why it would not work.

So, town leaders, put your thinking caps on and get creative. And for the sake of Clarkdale property owners, don’t take the easy path.

Mark Gettles


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