Mon, June 24

Letter: How is it possible to deny equal pay to all teachers?


I am increasingly saddened and dismayed to hear and read the discussion about the consolidation of our school system. To me, the crux of the argument is about the disparity in the salary structure between the high school and elementary schools. How unfair can this be?

How is it possible to deny equal pay to all teachers? The elementary teacher has just as much, if not more, education. The time in the class room is equal. Elementary teachers have a close relationship with their students as they spend more time with them in the classroom.

Frequently, the only stable person a child has in his life is his teacher. How does the high school expect to have success with students arriving in their classroom with inadequate instruction. Recent studies show the problem of trying to teach students in high school who are three years behind in math and reading.

What is the problem here; is the base just plain greed? What young, newly graduated, elementary teacher would accept a position under these circumstances? This nation will rise or fall on the status of our children.

We would find the money to pay for the education of our children if we cared about them. We have money for walls and have recently found millions to build a highway to Nevada. It is not a question of funding, it is a question of priorities. Money that should be spent for education is now being spent on legal fees.

I am highly suspicious of the recent tinkering with the ballot that was proposed for vote in November and is now delayed. There is much talk now from candidates about transparency; we need lots of transparency as we solve this consolidation problem.

The current situation is an injustice to students, parents, and teachers. Let us address this unfairness now.

Vivian Peterson