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The Fit Life: Get Fat!


One of the fat-free tricks is to… add flavor. Lots of us would mistakenly believe that non-fat, organic, Greek yoghurt with FRUIT at the bottom is something truly great to eat.


Yes, we, actually, should be getting 20-30% of our daily calories from fat! And these calories will not make you… fat! Actually, if you eat excess calories form any source, being it carbs, fat, even proteins – you will, undoubtfully, gain weight. Yep. Tough luck.

Another misconception is that it is somehow better to eat the “non-fat” stuff. It used to be true and now, it is not anymore… as the brave researchers keep unfolding virgin areas of nutrition-related mysteries. The “non-fat” stuff was the topic of many articles years ago and, in fact, lots of people, including yours truly, stuck to this for quite a while. I must confess that I still very much enjoy the “non-fat” versions of some food items, such as organic Greek yoghurt, for some reason. (Please don’t tell the researchers).

Well, nowadays, the researchers apparently proved that if we eat lots of the “non-fat” or “low fat” foods, we crave more of them, or we crave to eat more often, in order to feel satiated. As a result, we eat more than we would have normally. Plus, oftentimes (and this is NOT the case of my Greek yoghurt) those low- fat and non-fat foods have added sugar, to compensate for the taste. So, it seems one devil or another, and out of the two, we better stick to the fats.

One of the fat-free tricks is to… add flavor. Lots of us would mistakenly believe that non-fat, organic, Greek yoghurt with FRUIT at the bottom is something truly great to eat. All those strawberries, right??? Not really. “Fruit at the bottom” is sort of a sugary jam, which, mixed with your all-great-non-fat-Greek-and-organic thingy will surely make it edible and pleasant to eat, but… the nutritional content by then is messed up and just wrong. Do NOT eat yoghurts with that stuff at the bottom (by now, I have 99% of the yoghurt industry against me, I guess…). Or, yes eat them, but… do not mix the “fruits” from the bottom with the good stuff and leave the colorful part where it is, i.e. in the container.

Sometimes, if we consume fat-free, we won’t absorb or absorb well enough some nutrients, which are fat-soluble (such as lycopene and beta-carotene)

On the other hand, I have to honestly share this, as well: I, personally, never tried ketonic approach, but I do see lots of my clients succeeding with their weight loss goals to great extent thanks to, as per their own words, the ketonic diet.

Moreover, in the world of endurance sports, such as long-distance triathlons, ultra-distance runs, and long, multi-day through hikes, there is established research saying that some of the top performers succeed on fueling their bodies with a higher percentage of fats than normal and way lower percentage of carbs than we would have thought. From my personal experience, when doing Rim-to-Rim or a Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim, or any of my ultra marathons in the mountains, I would truly feel the kick if I have some plain nuts. If, during a competition, the aid station treats me to an avocado or guacamole, they officially make my day out there!

Unsaturated variety of fats, like the fats found in the Mediterranean diet, are still highly recommended, comparing to any other type of fats out in the wild-wild world.

In summary, if you eat your fats in form of French fries or fatty salad dressings (thinking that, well, you eat salads, so it is all good…), you are, pretty much, screwed up. If you eat like the friendly Italians do, you shall be fine!

Magdalena is the owner of the Be Fit Fit Personal Training Studio ( Visit her “Be Fit Fit” blog at

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