Tue, Jan. 21

Letter: Clarkdale residents deserve better


The primary election was August 28th, 2018. Winning candidate Ben Kramer announced on September 7th, 2018 he would not take the oath of office, and was placing his name in the running for the new Clarkdale Town Manager’s position.

The Town Manager will be replaced sometime in 2019.

This is interesting timing on Mr. Kramer’s part since the votes that were counted (1743) were official the day he declared his intentions.

Since Mr. Kramer is an appointed Council member, he is familiar with the appointment process.

Withdrawing from the race before the election would have then been between three candidates; an incumbent, Mr. Robert Ingulli, and myself. If that had been the case, the Clarkdale Town council would not have had the opportunity to appoint their choice for the Town council verses the voter’s choice.

At this time, and daily since Mr. Kramer’s announcement, I have received daily questions from Clarkdale residents asking me why I am not on the Town Council since the withdrawal of Mr. Kramer.

Residents do not have adequate information of what happened in the race and withdrawal of Mr. Kramer.

I asked a Clarkdale official to clarify this to the public, but that has not occurred.

It is very confusing to the public for two qualified non-incumbent candidates that received a substantial number of votes are not considered, and the Town Council will pick their choice.

The option at this time if Mr. Ingulli or myself are interested in pursuing the Town Council opening, we need to apply and be interviewed for the position, along with other interested parties.

Also, I would suggest for further Town Council races that a disclaimer be part of the application packet to notify potential candidates, that if a candidate drops out of a race she or he won, the Town council will pick their choice, not the voter’s choice.

It is also interesting that one of the Clarkdale Town Council incumbents wrote a commentary in another publicatipon before all the votes were counted or made official.

This incumbent wanted to share his opinion about the race that included, “At the same time, very strong messages of a desire for more youth and gender diversity seem clearly sent.”

I absolutely agree with this incumbent’s opinion. Instead of continuing the current Clarkdale Town Council mindset that represents the social climate of the 18 and early 1900’s, Clarkdale residents deserve a Town Council and town manager who are competent.

We need competent leadership as Clarkdale residents consider a Road Bond Proposition 445, which could possibly raise our taxes significantly for the next 10 years.

At this point I am wondering why the current town leadership did not plan for road repair issue, and was not thought of or worked on 10 years ago? Maybe Clarkdale residents would not be voting on a road bond in November if forward thinking had occurred.

As we all move forward, the current Clarkdale Town Council needs to change their mindsets to the future for “youth and gender diversity”. It is obvious to this writer that the current Town Council has not looked to our neighbors in Jerome, Cottonwood, Camp Verde or Sedona, where more up to date thinking is present in both electing “youth and gender diversity”.

Thank-you Clarkdale voters for your votes for change in the August 28th, 2018 election, and for the large number of voters that turned out for all four of the candidates.

Hopefully we all will have a positive change for the future of Clarkdale.

Eileen Sydow RN


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