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Camp Verde volunteer retires after more than three decades

Rosie Moll recently retired after 36 years as a volunteer with the Camp Verde Community Library. VVN/Bill Helm

Rosie Moll recently retired after 36 years as a volunteer with the Camp Verde Community Library. VVN/Bill Helm

CAMP VERDE – Lindsey Moll was all of 3 years of age when her mother decided the local library needed to tell stories to its young readers.

It was 1983, back when the old Camp Verde Community Library was more new than old. Lindsey’s mother Rosie “always” took her kids to the library.

One day, the librarian asked Mama Moll if she’d be interested in running a new storytime program.

Moll remembers telling the librarian that she “didn’t know where to start.”

With help from a friend, Moll started the program.

Including Lindsey, the program started with 10 children, ages 3-4. “Then we had 20 kids,” says Moll, who recently retired after 36 years as a Camp Verde library volunteer.

36 years

Now 76, Moll ran the story time program for two years before she took over the library’s summer reading program, which she says served between 50 and 60 children.”

After a few years with the summer reading program, Moll moved to the front desk where she volunteered until osteoarthritis forced her to call it quits on March 4.

Had Moll been a paid employee at the Camp Verde library the past 36 years, she’d been paid “more than $100,000.”

That’s what the library’s volunteer coordinator said recently about her longest-tenured volunteer.

“She was good about taking on new tasks so she could help the patrons,” says Alice Gottschalk, volunteer coordinator the past 14 years. “She talked people into volunteering. Even got her grandson to volunteer.”

Moll was also “willing and able to train” the volunteers,” Gottschalk says. “She has a passion for the community.”


At 17,000 square feet, the new Camp Verde library building, which opened Nov. 5, 2015, is about four times the size of the previous library.


Camp Verde library volunteer Ginger Gresham, right, hugs recently retired volunteer Rosie Moll. VVN/Bill Helm

But Moll remembers when the old library only ran at less than full capacity, because it was once shared with other community departments.

“For years we only had one-half of that building,” Moll says. “We had the front room. And that’s it.”

Additional space was one of many changes Moll has seen to her library.

“The books used to have cards in them,” Moll says. “You stamped them with the date. If someone had a lot of books, it took a long time. At the end of the day, you alphabetized the cards and put them in a slot for that date. A lot of manual labor.”

When Moll started volunteering at the Camp Verde library, there were no videos or music. Just books.

“I remember when the computers came along,” Moll says. “It was step by step. We didn’t have movies for a long time. In the old building, there wasn’t any room.”

Moll says she “never thought I’d live long enough to see the new library.”

Moll loves books

Married to her husband Kenneth for 50 years, Moll worked at the Flagstaff library for one year when the couple still lived up north. Just after the Moll family moved to Camp Verde, she visited her new library – to her new library card.

Back then, and to this day, Moll loves books.

“I go through seasons of books,” she says. “Westerns, romances, historical fiction. I’ll read the interesting non-fiction. I like sci-fi and fantasy.”

“Basically shy,” Moll says she made “a lot of friends” working the library’s front desk.

Used to be that the library’s patrons saw Moll from 1 p.m. until 5 p.m. each Monday. Now folks see Patti Bowers, who began her tenure as library volunteer a year ago.

“I liked her right away,” Bowers says of Moll. “She’s young at heart, a go-getter and a sweet lady.”

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