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Sedona Pathways Our Daily Journey: April 3, 2019

Ted Grussing Photography 2019

Ted Grussing Photography 2019

Talking … to me? Or to someone or something else? In any case our blue heron friend was proclaiming something of which I was clueless … he was a beautiful subject for this shot though and I like that you can see both of his wings in this image.

Today was mostly kind of a decompression day after an intense 14 hours on the book yesterday. Espresso this morning and lunch with a friend at the casino. The chocolate malts are amazing and you get them in a soda fountain glass and the rest of the malt in the stainless container they mix it in. A couple of errands and then home … should have done more, but I didn’t feel like it so I just browsed the web for a while and here we are. In one of my searches I came up with an old blog that my friend Wayne Ranney did back in 2015. Like all of Wayne’s blogposts there are a lot of photographs and instructional text. A link to this post is: and there are links to many other posts by Wayne. If you are so inclined, I would highly recommend subscribing to his blog. Currently he is on a trip to New Zealand with a group … he has been to Antarctica 29 times! Wow!

Tomorrow is catch up day for many things I have put aside as I finished the book and then the ISO 100 group will be over in the evening and in addition to great food and company, there will be a lot of incredible photos presented.

Just a Moment … in Time is now available on Amazon at: , if you want a signed copy that will come through me. For now send me an email to order a signed copy … hope to have it available on my website by this weekend. I printed out a number of pages on my color laser printer this afternoon and I’m very pleased with the results.

Time to wrap it for the night. Espresso in not that long and then yet another day will be underway, filled with all manner of things and mostly I think they will be good things … that is my plan.



For a few hours here in the still morning I wash myself clean of civilization, and purge myself of things and the accumulated rubbish of time.

I push back history, dismiss interpreters, and stand erect before the dawn, looking the universe in the face, and asking my own questions.

Tomorrow I shall return to the human wheels; but now I defy the world of customs and laws, of sophistry and serfdom; and I yield myself childlike

to the light and the air and the sweet scented dew.

Max Ehrmann

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