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Cottonwood approves strategic plan
Airport discussion anticipated in April 13 public meeting

CLARIFICATION: The meeting hosted by Council Member Jackie Nairn is not a city-sponsored event. Nairn's Cottonwood Community Awareness Group was established before she was appointed to Cottonwood City Council.

Cottonwood City Council approved its strategic plan Tuesday.

Staff made a full presentation of the plan during council’s March 12 work session. According to staff, the plan is intended to act as a blueprint of the direction council wants the city to work toward.

The plan outlines five priorities:

Facilitate Economic Growth

Maximize Efficient Water Use and Reuse

Promote Quality of Life

Develop and Improve Infrastructure

Refine Budget Process

A full presentation of the plan can be found on the Cottonwood city website.

Public meeting

On Saturday, April 13 at 10:30 a.m., Council Member Jackie Nairn will host a public meeting on the city’s strategic plan. The meeting is not a city-sponsored event.

One issue anticipated to come up at the meeting is noise complaints related to the Cottonwood Airport. Under the “Facilitate Economic Growth” section of the plan is economic development related to the airport. Cottonwood City Manager Ron Corbin said in an interview Friday that economic development relating to the airport does not necessarily mean bringing in more planes, rather encouraging more industry related to the airport.

In an email sent to the Verde Independent Cottonwood resident Lenn Howard said community attendance is critical.

“I think it is critical that we get as many people to attend as possible,” Howard wrote. “Right now the decisions about the airport are being made by the few members on the airport commission, likely pilots, and the mayor and 6 city council members. If we show up with significant numbers we can have an impact.”

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