Thu, June 27

Letter to the Editor: Hotel would be an improvement for VOC


The upcoming Village of Oakcreek Association (VOCA) Board election is particularly important because VOCA represents most residents in the VOC with nearly 2,400 homeowners, and because there are five openings on the seven-person board.

Unfortunately, there is a small group within VOCA stirring up discord in advance of the election and demagoguing issues with false and/or misleading remarks in e-mails sent to directly to VOCA property owners.

This group is known as Concerned Residents of VOCA and/or VOCA Homeowners’ Rights Alliance. 

What the group won’t admit is that it is all about overturning VOCA’s prohibition against short-term rentals (STRs).

In fact it was a member of this group who sued VOCA over the short-term rental issue. 

The suit was promptly dismissed .

As a 29-year VOCA property owner and a 16-year permanent resident of VOCA, I strongly oppose STRs for a variety of reasons but primarily because they destroy the fabric of single-family residence neighborhoods.

I like knowing my neighbors, their kids, and even their pets; and I especially like how neighbors can help each other out from time to time and even become good friends.

In an e-mail dated March 19, the VOCA Homeowners’ Rights Alliance made several claims on a variety of topics, but perhaps the most egregious was the assertion that “VOCA is not proactively taking a stand to represent us when it comes to hotels, traffic and property values.

Don’t be fooled by this group of charlatans.

Who are they, you ask? Good luck.

They seldom, if ever, identify themselves.

Dave Whisner

Village of Oak Creek