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Mooney’s Irish Pub presents Matt Hopper & The Roman Candles

Matt Hopper & The Roman Candles

Matt Hopper & The Roman Candles

Originally Published: April 8, 2019 9:29 p.m.

Matt Hopper & The Roman Candles returns to Sedona Sunday, April 14, 7 pm.  They will be playing at Mooney’s Irish Pub and the show is free to the public.  Mooney’s Irish pub is located at 671 State Route 179 in Sedona. 

Matt Hopper & The Roman Candles are a quintessential Americana band. They blend rock and roll, blues, country, folk, reggae, pop and a healthy dose of psychadelia into their unique take on guitar-based music.

Critics have drawn comparisons to Paul Westerberg & The Replacements, Jeff Tweedy & Wilco, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Ryan Adams, Van Morrison, Mark Lanegan, and many more.

The band expertly reads any room and can adjust their 130-plus song set list to match the vibe and the audience and thus have stayed alive for a 20-year independent career by playing all the dives and honky tonk gigs alongside the big theaters and outdoor festivals.

This band is so diverse, in fact, that they’ve managed to score gigs ranging from blues legends Dr. John and Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band to rock powerhouses like Everclear and Jerry Joseph & The Jackmormons, folk artists like Todd Snider & Tim Easton, pop megastars Gin Blossoms and Barenaked Ladies.

“Matt Hopper does rock and roll right. [He] has a very natural ear for memorable melodies and irresistible guitar riffs; great songs seem to pour out of him.” - Ben Salmon, Bend Bulletin

The band has a new album coming out in 2019 that is currently being mixed in Seattle, WA by Shawn Simmons and features cameos by Charity Rose Thielen & Matt Gervais (The Head & The Heart), Courtney Jaye (Rogue + Jaye), Kathleen Grace, Jamie Drake, Tracey Holland (Vandella), Chris Tye (Vandella) Andrew Vait (Sisters) and Brock Lindow (36crazyfists).

It was engineered by Brad Laina (Vaudeville Etiquette, Barret Martin Group) at Strange Earth Studios in Seattle, sadly the same studio space Chris Cornell and Soundgarden worked out of before their final tour. Most of their released music can be found on major streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music or through the band’s Bandcamp page.

“Although this songwriter recently relocated to Idaho, Matt Hopper cut his teeth in our most northern state, which would lead to the wiry, blues-flavored tracks on the 2011 album Jersey Finger. Hopper is a Tom Petty dead-ringer on “Send/Receive,” and he spends the rest of Jersey Finger drumming up nostalgia for listeners of many generations.” - Taylor Kane, 9 Alaskan Acts You Should Listen To Now, Paste Magazine.