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Sedona’s favorite father-daughter duo: Esteban and Teresa Joy headline Sound Bites Grill



Originally Published: April 8, 2019 1:21 p.m.

Sound Bites Grill is excited to continue to host the popular classical flamenco guitarist Esteban, and world-renowned violinist Teresa Joy (Esteban’s daughter) for the April 2019 leg of their four-year residency.

Performing with Esteban and Teresa Joy is talented drummer Joe Morris and the hottest keyboard player in the Southwest, Rual Yanez, both April 13th and 20th at 7 p.m. in the celebrity showroom at Sound Bites Grill.

Esteban is a world-renowned master classical and flamenco guitar player. He got his name from legendary classic guitar player, Andres Segovia, who called him “Esteban” during his years of study with the master in Spain (1974-1978) and in the United States.

Born Stephen Paul in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, son of a steel mill worker, Esteban saw his first guitar in a shop window when he was 8 years old. His uncle bought it for him. Esteban says, “It never left my hands.” Esteban has performed all over the world, has had eight #1 albums on the billboard charts, and has also created a popular and affordable guitar line.

Teresa Joy’s violin playing streams angelic notes that grace the atmosphere of the room. She is a melodic violin instrumentalist. Her notation has a soulful depth and heart opening width.

Teresa Joy began playing violin at the age of 5. Recently interviewed we found out some fun facts from Teresa Joy.

What is new with your career and performing with your dad, Esteban?

“I am constantly expanding my creativity and loving every moment of performing with my Dad. He is such a master musician and incredibly intuitive to playing and connecting to the room. He and I give our whole hearts to what we love and it is amazing to play to a packed house! The energy the audience sends back is an absolutely phenomenal gift.”

What motivates your music creations & career?

“A longing to connect in my most authentic way. I’m so lucky my parents started me on the violin at such a young age. It has been part of my makeup and DNA from the beginning. When I allow myself to just play, everything falls away. It’s like riding a sonic wave where only the moment matters”.

Do you have any new recordings in the works?

“Always! My dad and I have a new age album called “Awakening” about to go to print. I also have dozens of solo creations and I am looking to find a good fit for my very own band expression. I feel I have so much more to give and the possibilities for the violin expression are endless.”

What would you like your listeners to know about your music?

“It’s about an experience. The songs are not what truly are important. It’s the sound and the feeling. Each song holds a map and it becomes the journey. Having an audience is what makes that connection possible, so I’d want them to know that they are the important link to our hearts expression. Ultimately the best feeling in the world is having someone tell me they’ve had a release during the show. I myself have cried on stage multiple times for joy and pain. The tears trickle silently, but they come. That is the best compliment I could ever receive and it’s all because of the music.”

 What do you like about performing?

“Everything! The incredible surrender to the moment. The swell, ebb and flow of the sound. The excitement and pulse of being alive. The emotional spectrum that arises when something in me shifts. The work I put in when something is stuck. The general feeling of waking up through music. My favorite feeling is the incredible sense oneness and peace. These are all the things I have experienced time and time again playing with my Dad. Don’t get me wrong, it is not always a natural flow. If it was all sunshine and magic I wouldn’t know how to appreciate as much. Some days are tough and I have to show up in that stage and resonate and connect with something better than the place I’m at. Sometimes I feel like I’m moving through honey but I work it out. It’s a huge form of therapy regardless, and I always push through, because I love it so. I’m hard on myself to be better in the face of challenge. I’m working on allowing myself a break to not be at that level 100% of the time, but embrace the challenge of growth and trust, enough to know where I truly want to be.”

For more information call 928-282-2713 or visit SoundBitesGrill.com