Thu, June 27

'Snowmageddon' creates golf course clean-up challenge

Gwen Hanna
VOCA Board 
of Directors

Gwen Hanna President VOCA Board of Directors

March was an interesting, challenging and busy month for VOCA/OCC to say the least. At the forefront was “snowmageddon” that wreaked havoc on the Oak Creek Country Club golf course.

Three and a half weeks after the storm swept through Northern Arizona on Feb, 21, our crew had cleared away damaged trees, branches and debris to the tune of approximately 300 tons. During peak clean-up, our golf maintenance and golf shop teamed of up to 22 employees worked with outside contracted labor, including 17 tree climbers (three of them arborists) and eight workers from Vets for Hire.

Unfortunately, the remnants of the storm damage will remain apparent for several months with ongoing cleanup and repairs.

Special shout-outs: On a cold and cloudy March 12, the Fairway Oaks Neighbors prepared a homemade meal that included chili, cornbread, biscuits, salads, chips, cookies and cheesecake for the crew. They enjoyed the warm comfort food on their lunch break in our Community Center ballroom. This was followed by the Ladies League providing a lunch of chicken sandwiches, salad, chips and cookies on March 19.

The feedback received from the workers on this show of appreciation suggests that we filled their stomachs and gave them an emotional uplift just when it was needed.

VOCA-HOA activities update: We focused on the ballots for the upcoming election. Processes were put in place to ensure that this year’s candidates were more fully vetted for eligibility and availability with applications including additional questions. The organization meeting has been set in advance for the new Board members. We emailed VOCA members on our distribution list requesting those who could not attend the Meet-the-Candidates event on March 13th to submit questions. These were also addressed with the candidates. A summary of key questions and candidate profiles/applications are on our website:

The Reserve Study results are in. The VOCA/OCC Management Team worked hard to complete the necessary information to post the report, now available to members on the VOCA website. Also posted are the raw data of the Communications Survey recently conducted. Nothing has been edited except to protect respondents’ anonymity. The newly elected Board will assign a Board Sponsor to collaborate with members of our community and take the narrative themes to create a communication plan for our VOCA community.

VOCA members, please turn in your ballots, and join us for the annual meeting on April 20th!