Sun, Nov. 17

Letter: Cat is out of the bag: Council, staff not ‘terribly concerned’ over airport noise


Cottonwood City Council approved its strategic plan (April 2) . On Sunday, Cottonwood residents learned exactly what is going on behind the scenes with our elected officials, their strategic plan and the lengths they will go to see it succeed.

“The Final Great Unveiling” of their vision is planned for April 13 at 10:30 at the Cottonwood Library.

The last presentation, March 12, didn’t go so well; many residents didn’t share their vision for our future.

So now, in preparation for co-hosting “The Great Final Unveiling” with Jackie Nairn, Michael Mathews has decided to privately recruit aviation enthusiasts as a defense against too many Cottonwood residents armed with valid noise complaints? Is this illegal or just immoral?

Not only did he use his political office to create support for his personal vision, he specified the very words that those supporting his views should use. “We don’t find the noise a problem” and “We understand that traffic will increase and we are OK with it.” Really??

As head of the ACCAG (Airport Community Citizens Action Group) representing over 250 residents from Clarkdale, Cottonwood and the Verde Villages who have worked diligently on this matter with Morgan Scott and five members of the Airport Commission as well as Mayor Elinski and council members since August of 2018, I am appalled.

I don’t know whether to call this situation corruption or collusion. I do find it obvious that the Council and Staff aren’t “terribly concerned” with the situation, either way.

Ruth Edwards


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