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A beauty parlor for Fido: Cottonwood’s ‘dog wash’ open for business

Just Got Scrubbed is at 280 S. Main St, Cottonwood. (928) 852-4008. VVN/Vyto Starinskas

Just Got Scrubbed is at 280 S. Main St, Cottonwood. (928) 852-4008. VVN/Vyto Starinskas


Finn gets a bath at Just Got Scrubbed in Cottonwood by owner Emily Krokosz with Pam Wood, one of the owners of the shop, looking on. VVN/Vyto Starinskas

There is now a new self-serve “dog wash” in Cottonwood where you can bond with your pooch over a shampoo and a blow dry.

Just Got Scrubbed has been opened by partners Pam Wood and Megan Merz in the Acme Pizza shopping center on South Main Street.

It’s a dog oasis, with steel custom-made bath tubs that Wood and Merz designed themselves. The tubs have small shower curtains, slip-proof mats and water hoses to spray down your dog.

Painted artwork of dog murals line the open, sun-lit room where the tubs are lined up in a U shape. Some tubs are large for big dogs, and one tub is separated in half for smaller breeds.

The water runs at a constant 98 degrees and shampoo and conditioner are provided, Wood said. Heavy duty garden sprayers allow owners to hose down their dogs at their own level of comfort.

Wood said it’s a “bonding experience” for many dog owners.

When they moved to Cottonwood, they were looking for a dog wash for their own two big dogs, Wood said.

Washing dogs at home was hurting their backs and their knees. It also created a mess, clogged the drain, and used up towels.

“With a self-serve dog wash you don’t have to worry about that,” she pointed out.

“We provide the towels, the shampoo, the conditioner,” Wood said. There is a dry room to dry dogs and there are nail clippers and scissors for owners to use for small and large breeds.

“The best part of it is that they leave and we clean it up,” she laughed. “They don’t have to worry about hair in their drain at home.”

She said it’s more affordable than going to a groomer because it’s “do it yourself”

Wood said they designed tubs with a “farm look” and used steel-water troughs for the tubs. They cut the ends off and mounted small shower curtains that can be pulled back for dogs to step into the tub onto non-skid mats.

They started building the tubs, doggy stairs and dry room in January. They observed similar tubs for sale and dog scrub businesses in Phoenix and other cities.

There are two medium tubs, two large, and two small.

She said they did their research and determined that there would be a need for this in Cottonwood. Wood said she also has approached local RV resorts about her service.

Small dogs are $14, medium $16 and large are $18 and shampoo is $2 or people can bring their own shampoo. There is a bug shampoo and a de-skunk shampoo, she said.

Use of fingernail clippers, brushes, combs towels, washcloths, scented spray and dryers are included, she said.

Wood said she would be open to people bringing other animals to be washed too, such as cats, sheep, goats, alpacas, lizards, “whatever.”

She said they have only washed dogs so far, but have received inquiries about cats and livestock from 4H students.

There’s a lot of grooming places, but not a lot of “self-serve,” Wood said. “We think it will work.”

Just Got Scrubbed is at 280 S. Main St, Cottonwood. (928) 852-4008.

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