Tue, July 23

Nancy and Leon Pontikes join Cottonwood Cottonwood CrossFit staff

Brandon Iurato and Nancy Pontikes. Courtesy photo

Brandon Iurato and Nancy Pontikes. Courtesy photo

Cottonwood CrossFit Can-Do owners Brandon and Jill Iurato have announced a new partnership with Nancy and Leon Pontikes.

CrossFit Can-Do, 1329 E. State Route 89A E, emphasizes the principles of enthusiasm, positive atmosphere and commitment in a community of people united in the common pursuit of living healthy, active lives.

“CrossFit Can-Do continues to provide the best coaches, methods and practices to help every athlete achieve real results,” said Iurato. “We anticipate this new partnership will allow further growth and enhancement of the facilities and the services we are able to provide to our members.

“Not only does Nancy bring enthusiasm, knowledge and a positive attitude to the organization, I like how she thinks outside the box and pays attention to details. Her passion for helping others get healthy and move better is evident in her actions.”

Nancy has a healthcare background and has been a competitive runner and bodybuilder for many years. As a runner, she found that integrating strength and resistance training into her race preparation helped her to become a better runner. She has leveraged her experiences by coaching runners at many levels and distances.

Later recognizing the devastating effects of chronic illnesses associated with sedentary lifestyles and poor nutrition, Nancy decided to pursue a career as a CrossFit Level 1 trainer.

She says, “The CrossFit community and lifestyle can positively alter the course of people’s lives. By increasing strength, mobility and nutritional awareness -- individuals can experience happier, healthier lives.”

Stop by their facility or visit their website, Facebook or Instagram (@CrossFitCanDo).