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Community Improvisation Classes for Adults and Youth

Meeting of the comedic minds of Zen Prov Comedy, Anything Goes Improv, Parangello Players join forces

Photograph by Larry Kane Photography

Photograph by Larry Kane Photography

Originally Published: April 15, 2019 8:10 a.m.

Working from a generous grant from the City of Sedona for their Community Arts Program, Parangello Players has brought together three arts companies to execute the most fun and exciting Improv Workshop to ever come to Sedona.

Created for Youth 12-plus through Adults, topics (or the “grabs” as they are called in improv) will feature youth and community issues. 

The best improvisations created will be filmed and given to all Sedona and Verde Valley Schools to use as launching pads for teaching.

Derek Dujardin, leader of ZenProv, is known for his ability to teach and lead improv groups. 

He will be teaching the Tuesday night class at Sedona Charter School, 165 Kachina Drive, Sedona in the new Performing Arts Classroom. 

John Kilis, leader of Anything Goes, is known for his ability to hold space for anyone to learn improv through play and exercises, and will be leading the Wednesday evening class at the Sedona Hub, 525-B Posse Grounds Road, Sedona. 

Elyce Monet and Adrian Stewart of Parangello Players are bringing this as part of the “No Teen Unseen” project to focus on assisting youth with challenges through right-brained, arts activities. Parents are encouraged to take the class with their student.

The classes begin Tuesday, April 23, and are complete on Wednesday, May 22,   6:45-8:45 p.m. both days. 

There is a total of 10 classes.  Cost:  $65 per person

Call Elyce Monet at 928-282-1364 for information or go to www.parangelloplayers.com/schools to register. 

Class is limited to 20, so register now