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Red ‘Earth Delights’ under the stars at Tlaquepaque April 18

Rear L-R: Martha Entin, Trish Jahnke, Leah Bee, Mary Gladieux, Gary Every.  Front L-R: Dan Dagget, Larry Rosenburg, Karla Stamps

Rear L-R: Martha Entin, Trish Jahnke, Leah Bee, Mary Gladieux, Gary Every. Front L-R: Dan Dagget, Larry Rosenburg, Karla Stamps

Originally Published: April 15, 2019 10:33 a.m.

Red Earth Theatre is thrilled to be back in the beautiful arches of Tlaquepaque with live theatre at 7.30 p.m. on Thursday, April 18, at the Patio de las Campanas.  

“Earth Delight” is a collage-piece of poetry, prose, music and thoughts celebrating our beautiful planet and home, drawn from a variety of cultures and eras, and featuring many of Red Earth Theatre’s regular performers.

Under the stars and graced by the ivy-covered walls of Tlaquepaque, this is one the Earth Month offerings around Sedona and Verde Valley this month. Visit www.VVearthday.com to see what else is happening.

“Earth Delight” features original words from Connie Patrick, Sharron Porter, Martha Entin and Sedona’s favorite story teller, Gary Every.

Other readers include Mary Gladieux, Terra Shelman, Karla Stamps, and Larry Rosenberg who share the words of Dylan Thomas, Edward Abbey, Joanna Macey, Chief Seattle, Naomi Klein, Pablo Neruda, Rachel Carson, Thomas Berry, Alice Walker and Evelyn Ames among others. We also hear a unique view of our earth from an astronaut.

Sharron Porter displays some of her stunningly rich earth art pieces with their matching poems.

Musicians Leah Bee, Trish Jahnke and Dan Dagget color the words with music and song including the beautiful ‘Gentle Arms of Eden’ anthem by Dave Carter and Tracey Grammer.

Wendy Lippman (Tlaquepaque owner and property manager) and Kate Hawkes (Red Earth’s Producing Artistic Director) sat down last summer and brainstormed how to get some regular theatre orientated performance back to Tlaquepaque, adding to the current roster of live music and other events.

Since September 2018 live performances have happened in the Patio de las Campanas or the Chapel on the third Thursday of each month.

The simple stripped-down theatrical performances, featuring local performers and a variety of live forms, offer a range of spoken word materials from short plays, scenes, monologues, poetry, improv, music, dance and live art. 

Future dates include May 16 and June 20, with a full production of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream in September.

Find us at the Patio de las Campanas, behind the fountain in front of El Rincon Restaurant at 7.30 p.m. on Thursday, April 18. (Suggested donation $10.)

Dress cozily, visit one of the restaurants nearby, and come bask in about 70 minutes to gather together to honor our planet, the only home we will ever know.  

“The earth has music for those who listen.” -- William Shakespeare.

If You Go ...

• What: ‘Earth Delights - Red Earth at Tlaquepaque

• When: Thursday, April 18th, 7.30pm

• Where: Tlaquepaque, Patio de las Campanas, (on the creek side)

• Suggested donation: $10 

• More information:

www.redearththeatre. org