Thu, Aug. 22

Letter: Nairn, Rodriguez much appreciated by citizens opposed to airport noise


Saturday’s community information meeting hosted by our newest councilwoman, Jackie Nairn, was attended by 50 or so residents of the Vertie Valley. We applaud her efforts to hear the voices of her constituents.

Although billed as a presentation of the new strategic plan, the meeting soon dissolved into heated discussion with dissent against the incessant, unbearable and increasing noise generated from the Cottonwood airport.

Unlike past monthly meetings of the airport commission and weekly meetings of the City Council, when clusters of citizens from different communities independently expressed their views but went unheard, this group collectively represented Pine shadows, Cottonwood Ranch, Mesquite Hills, the Verde Villages, Clarkdale, Mingus Shadows and many of the neighborhoods directly adjacent to the airport.

We hope we were heard this time.

Rudy Rodriguez, from the finance department, and Councilwoman Nairn promised action, in the form of landing fees (See Editor’s Note below). This option is legally available to Cottonwood and should be implemented immediately so the airport begins to pay for itself instead of being subsidized by the very citizens who do not want it.

The citizens want this to happen now.

Jackie Nairn also promised to attend the airport commission meetings in future to oversee the process. This was requested by the citizens because the airport commission has been unresponsive in the past to the needs of the people of Cottonwood.

We look forward to seeing a woman up there on the dais representing the people and we expect progress.

A shout out to Councilman Mathews (also in attendance) for assuring us that you are not only unapologetic for your actions with private email, but intend on continuing these underhanded activities in the future. (Especially when they concern issues effecting your buddies at the airport.) (See Editor’s Note below).

A sincere thank you to Commissioner Nairn and Mr. Rodriguez, for your time and efforts yesterday. We look forward to working with you both.

Ruth Edwards


Editor’s Note: According to Jackie Nairn: “We talked about landing fees as a possibility but I do not believe that we promised landing fees. We did explain that landing or user fees would be something that the city council could vote on as the citizens were concerned that the airport commission would not vote for such fees. According to Michael Mathews: “One woman asked about the email. I commented that this was not the proper venue. Many insisted on it and as I began to explain, many began to make comments so as to make an explanation impossible. I therefore offered to meet with anybody after the meeting to talk about it. Not one person took me up on that offer or mentioned it after the meeting.”

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