Mon, July 22

Beaver Creek School announces career day April 30

RIMROCK – Beaver Creek School will hold its inaugural career day from 8 a.m. until 11 a.m. Tuesday, April 30.

Students will rotate through seven classrooms so they can listen to each of the school’s guests speak about their professions.

Beaver Creek School has invited each of the professionals to have lunch with the students following the morning’s presentations.

“We are excited about all the different people that are coming together to share their careers and experiences with our kids,” said Mingus Union School Board member John McTurk, whom Beaver Creek Superintendent Karin Ward invited to help run the event. “This is the first Year that BCSD is doing this with the hopes of being able to do it every year.”

McTurk and Ward are also working to build a mentoring program at Beaver Creek School. McTurk said the Career Day is an opportunity for Beaver Creek’s students to learn “about exciting careers that we have right here in our own communities and how the people in those careers got there.”

Ward said that “about 21 guests” would take part in the school’s career day. A few of the professions include Jennifer Griffin from State Farm; Cottonwood Chamber of Commerce President/CEO Christian Oliva Del Rio; Cottonwood Police Chief Steve Gesell; Miranda Walters, owner of Myss Miranda Marketing Agency; Mingus Union High School’s Andrew Hooton, James Ball and Gretchen Wesbrock; Jennifer McTurk with Nutri-Next; Elliott Cluff, Cottonwood Airport’s helicopter mechanic, as well as representatives from the Town of Camp Verde and from SRMG Clarkdale Cement Plant.