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Coaches' corner: Weekend Wars wrestling returns

This Saturday’s Weekend Wars 4/13/19 produced some titanic opportunities in matchups.

With no separation of division classes, there were many marquee wrestling bouts between champions from throughout Arizona clubs.

They all brought with them different styles of technique which made everyone improve. All the guys showed high class with good sportsmanship, great respect and proper attitude while demonstrating a brotherhood type behavior throughout the Tournament.

Our Mingus wrestling program is much more than a wrestling room. It is a classroom of champions and future leaders. It is a place to find inspiration, guidance, and support, as well as special satisfaction. All the coaches are committed to nurturing our youth athletes through the sport of wrestling.

We recognize the value of sports in helping kids to develop a sense of independence and confidence, which promotes a positive self-image. Clearly, the sport of wrestling is an ideal platform from which to instill a sense of personal achievement, as well as to teach the value of teamwork through cooperation and competition.

Without question the McKean brothers proved that hard work and dedication to the sport pays off. Their attacks have become more aggressive and yet with finesse. They competed with a “machine” style, fast, strong, powerful, and intense. Their funky defense and outstanding countering skills, makes them formidable competitors. Their new style proved too much for their opponents this weekend.

The McKeans’ intensity level and aggressiveness makes them fearsome warriors in any division and in their weight class. They are young men of great courage and inspiration.

Keene Todacheene, Braden Arnold, and Korben Uhler put forth spectacular performances. These guys are just absolutely unbelievable. They work together as a team and should present themselves as formidable competitors for this upcoming season. It is electrifying to watch the boys compete and how far they have advanced. They have repeatedly accepted all challengers. Without hesitation I can say they are the real deal. It would be a good bet that they do well in their respective weight classes. They epitomize the word “exciting”.

As a team they are awe-inspiring athletes who possess strength, stamina and speed. I can’t wait to watch them compete at tournaments this coming year.

Without a doubt the best match of the day had to be Kai Miller’s match against one of the Arizona’s top contenders. Our opponent started out strong and quickly made the match one to one. However Miller wouldn’t accept defeat. He came back with a final takedown to win the match. Miller exhausted and tired managed to dig deep into his soul and come out the victor.

Kai Miller proved he had heart. He has emerged as a dominant force and will strengthen Mingus lower weight division at the high school level. Miller is a tough, solid wrestler who keeps coming at you, no matter what he might be hit with. He’s skilled and, at the same time, has showed such a tenacious will to win and mental toughness that makes all the difference in the tough matches.

In battle, the true wrestling warrior does not worry about the past or the future, but concentrates on the present moment. The true warrior fights relentlessly, without the heavy weights of fear, pride and arrogance. This best describes Brody Townsend, who put on a fantastic showing at this weekends tournament. His intensity level has been phenomenal. He has aggressively studied his strengths and weaknesses and making all the necessary adjustments to succeed. He represented his town and his family with honor and dignity. The secret to his astonishing accomplishments is proper attitude. I was elated by his superb display of wrestling on Saturday. Such athleticism and sportsmanship is rare in our competitive world. Congratulation Brody!

A great athlete is not given prominence; it is earned by working hard and being dedicated. A great athlete will conquer any and all obstacles to get to the desired goal while keeping a good attitude along the way. This best describes Dakota Jeffords, Rhett Uhler, Kade Uhler and Racer Uhler. They are some of our top students and work hard every single day. They always participate, are attentive listeners and are not afraid of a challenge. Their enthusiasm and compassion have inspired us all. I believe that their sheer determination for learning will carry them to great success.

There’s no doubt the Griffins have been blessed with some gifts. With champion-like qualities of courage, fortitude, determination, tenacity and perseverance, the Griffins proves that if you rise above your fears, you will succeed. With this year’s new dedication, their incredible ability and poise under pressure continue to amaze wrestling fans everywhere and will continue to draw more fans to the sport. The Griffin brother’s possess a highly extraordinary natural ability that allows them to perform at an exceptional level. That coupled with a unique combination of fundamental soundness, grace, speed, power and an unquenchable competitive desire, the Griffin boy’s prove they will be top contenders this coming season.

In the Rookie division; Wesley Swank, Noah Vega and Avery Hines earn the wrestlers of the week award. One can have success without working hard, but one cannot reach their full potential unless they find the desire and dedication needed to become a hard worker. This truly describes both of these boys. Although this is their first year, they have overcome the lack of experience with a hard work ethic. They have shown steady improvement each and every week. They also have great balance, core strength and quickness. They make us very proud.

The spirit of brotherhood is so strong at these events. I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for all his blessings and give him all the credit. He is the captain of our ship, the cornerstone of our foundation and the head of this house.

Our Mingus Union athletes and their successes remind us that there are plenty of “good seeds” in our school. Of course, good seeds take careful nurturing, and as any good gardener knows, that means constant care and attention. There are many in the community, teachers, sponsors, parents, volunteers, and of course the coaches, who have provided invaluable care and attention. We thank all of these giving people. The students’ victories reflect well on the rest of the community and on the support provided to our children and schools. But our biggest round of applause goes to our sponsors, without them none of this would be possible.

Many thanks to Eric Jorgensen, Rudy Galaviz from Flag Tee Factory t shirt, Mrs. Jen Griffin, Mrs. Bethany Arnold, Gabriel Chagolla, The Bugle, Mingus Union High School District, Kim Andrews from Bashas’, Salt River Materials Group (Phoenix Cement), The Bassous Family from Tierra Verde Builders, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Aaron Hancock of, Rose Smith of Bob’s Tree and Landscaping, and most importantly the Lord Jesus Christ.

Tournament results for April 13, 2019 :

  • Issac McKean – 1st place 9th grade 132 pounds
  • Elias McKean – 2nd place 7th grade 82 pounds
  • Keene Todacheene – 1st place 11th grade 120 pounds
  • Korben Uhler – 1st place 11th grade 138 pounds
  • Braden – 2nd place 11th grade 126 pounds
  • Kai Miller – 2nd place 8th grade 113 pounds
  • Brody Townsend – 1st place 8th grade 100 pounds
  • Racer Uhler – 1st place 6th grade 82 pounds
  • Rhett Uhler – 1st place 3rd grade 68 pounds
  • Kade Uhler – 1st place 1st grade 69 pounds
  • Ryan Griffin – 1si place 11th grade 220 pounds
  • Tyler Griffin – 1st place 10th grade 170 pounds
  • Wesley Swank – 2nd place 9th grade 160 pounds
  • Noah Vega – 3 rd place 9th grade 90 pounds
  • Avery Hines – 1st place 9th grade Heavyweight
  • Cayleb Underhill – 2nd place 8th grade 90 pounds
  • Xander Underhill – 3rd place 6th grade 78 pounds
  • Jaxston Lovett – 3rd place 1st grade 35 pounds
  • Aghust Lovett – 3rd place 1st grade 43 pounds
  • Dakota Jeffords – 2nd place 7th grade 77 pounds
  • Dominick Bertolani – 1st place Kindergarten 60 pounds
  • Rowdt Harris – 1st place 1st grade 51 pounds
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