Sun, Jan. 19

Letter: Keep Verde Connect out of Middle Verde community


I oppose any Verde Connect activity that affects the Middle Verde. I live in Camp Verde and commute daily to Sedona.

Beaver Flats Road connection to St Route 260 via the Middle Verde would essentially be a road to nowhere. It does not address any of the actual important traffic issues nor needs of the people in the Verde Valley, even in the long range plan with housing estimates into 2040.

I understand that the grant money for the bridge is probably driving the decision more than what actually needs to be done to address the Verde Valley traffic, which is widen Cornville Road, find a way to connect the Village of Oak Creek to West Sedona and connect Cornville Road to Fir Street. Please note that NONE of these significant traffic issues affect Camp Verde residents nor visitors. Nor does it address the long term traffic estimate issues anywhere in the Verde Valley or Sedona up to 2040 if you look at the estimated bottle necks on the county long term plan.

Spending the grant money as well as additional tax money that would need to be assessed on a project that does not address the real traffic needs is a waste of tax payers money.

The bridge grant money does not pay for the entire project. Even if the grant money covered the entire project, a “use it or lose it” mentality for spending tax payer money on projects that do not really address the issues is fiscally irresponsible. We have to put an end to that type of government thinking which only leads to higher taxes.

I feel that Verde Connect and the County Supervisors think Camp Verde is the path of least resistance, but if a Middle Verde connect to Beaver Flats Road doesn’t even accomplish what needs to be done for the traffic in the other areas, then why do it?

Janet Walther

Camp Verde

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