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Letter: A little bit of reading will take you a long way; you learn more listening than talking


Referencing Doug Melton’s letter on the history of the Camp Verde Salt Mine: It is true that a person may have “heard for years” many things that are simplistic and partially incorrect.

Thus, it was illuminating to me that the proper way to address an issue of natural history, say the origin of a salt deposit, is to make a list of partially incorrect statements about inland sea deposits, describe nonexistent a “typical mineral ‘stope’,” speculate on unconfirmed deep “salt” deposits, then state that you believe the origin of the salt deposit as confirmed by mapping and analysis of numerous credentialed geologists “is overly simplistic.”

While I was impressed by the effort Mr. Melton put into his letter, I am sure that had he done a minimum of research he would have discovered some of the interesting geologic history of the Verde Valley.

He would have learned the importance of the Verde Fault along the front of the Black Hills in forming the valley.

He would have learned how volcanism dammed the Verde River to create a large lake in the valley, how the rise and fall of the lake level affected the thickness and distribution of the Verde Limestone deposited in that lake, that rocks containing evaporite minerals cover an area of about 75 square miles in the southwestern part of the valley, and why some wells in the Verde aquifer near the Camp Verde area have dissolved-solid content of more than 90,000 parts per million.

I have sympathy for Mr. Melton’s skepticism about what he reads in the newspaper. One only has to read the letter by Mr. Coley. Mr. Coley asserts that “obviously ADOT was experimenting” with paving Highway 260 and that the “experiment has failed miserably.”

I realize that today one does not need any evidence before stating with firm conviction. What are the odds that ADOT did not complete the paving of HW 260 because of early winter weather, or that windmills do not cause cancer?

As an old guy that began school in a one-room school house near Cornville, I learned a little bit of reading will take you a long way and that you learn more listening than talking.

W. Norman Kent


Camp Verde

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