Sun, Aug. 18

Letter: Enough with the whining over airport noise


When are the whiners going to stop whining? I have worked in aviation my whole adult life, lived in many different states, worked at many different airports. If you think Cottonwood airport is noisy, go and spend some time at Deer Valley airport, Scottsdale, and Falcon Field in Mesa. I think your outlook would change.

I understand Cottonwood airport was built in 1942, and was used to train WWII pilots. How many of you whiners either built or bought a house before 1942? I think the answer in none, nil, zip. When you bought your house, did someone twist your arm? I don’t think so.

Landing fees? How are you going to collect them? Have someone standing by the runway with an empty coffee can? How do you collect a fee if they shoot a “touch and go”? If you come up with a game plan, then they will only shoot approaches and not touch down.

Build a new airport? before the concrete on the new runway is dry, someone will be building a new housing tract right across the street. Then in two or three years the whining will start about the noise. I’ve seen this happen several times.

Please remember a airport always helps the local economy. Close down an airport and some local businesses will also close.

I only see one way for the whiners to fix their problem. Put your house on the market, sell, and move to a different part of the Valley, but stay away from Hwy’s 260 and 89A. Noisy trucks.

Odell Vogel