Mon, Feb. 24

Letter: But where is the rest of the salt?


Yes, I can read. I can read the same book, written 100 years ago, that Mr. Kent did that says the salt deposit of the salt mine is left over from the a vast saline inland lake. 500 years ago I could have read that the earth was flat, or the sun revolved around the earth and been ridiculed or charged with heresy for daring suggest a different scenario.

100 years ago, the theory was the Indians threw tools into the shore of a shallow sea as some sort of offering to explain the artifacts found in the salt mine.

Yes, I am familiar with the Verde fault and why the black Black hills exist and the Verde Formation and how it came to be.

But, why is there only a salt deposit over about 5 acres? Where is the rest of the 100-foot thick layer of salt that must cover dozens of square miles?

If you tell me it is buried in a layer 500 feet down as determined by bore hole drilling and the salt mine is simply part that was thrust up during actions of the Verde fault, fine; if you tell me most of it already washed away due to erosion and the area of the salt mine was spared, fine, but where is the rest of the salt?

Last I checked, sediments are deposited in horizontal layers, and for the most part, the Verde Formation looks pretty horizontal, so I would expect a fairly wide band of salt deposit that stretches for miles, but I see none, even a quarter mile away or less, on three sides.

Simply implying I need to read more, and ignoring the most important question of where is the rest of the salt, is disingenuous.

“ But still, it turns”.

Doug Melton

Camp Verde

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