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Begin Mother’s Day celebration early with 1st Friday Gallery Tour

Hummingbird Of The Healing Heart by Nicholas Kirsten, Honshin - The Ascending Spirit Gallery

Hummingbird Of The Healing Heart by Nicholas Kirsten, Honshin - The Ascending Spirit Gallery

Originally Published: April 29, 2019 12:11 p.m.

Mother’s Day is May 12th this year, and celebrate early by taking mom to Sedona’s 1st Friday in the Galleries event.

This month’s 1st Friday in the Galleries takes place May 3, 5-8 p.m. Guests will enjoy art, refreshments, music, poetry and great conversation with the gallery staff and artists themselves. This event is free and open to the public.

In West Sedona at 30 Kayenta Court, Kayenta Plaza - Suite #1, you will discover An Object of Desire Gallery at A Spa For You. Enjoy the lightheartedness of Adryanna Cierca’s bronze sculpture titled ‘Red Rock Hiker.’ The sculpture celebrates women, nature and whimsy.

While strolling through Uptown Sedona, walk to Aurora Dora Gallery located at 320 N State Route 89A, P2 (Sinagua Plaza). Dora Redman’s photography is surreal and a must see. Redman’s images not only display the magical lights of the Northern Hemisphere (Aurora Borealist), but also mystical Arizona night scenes as well. Redman brings mystery into each image with the natural play of the night sky from the moon to the stars. See Sedona like you’ve never seen it before – lit by the night.

As you make your way out of uptown, explore Goldenstein Gallery. If your mother loves nature and landscapes, ask to see Allen Powell’s stunning images. Inspired by the Impressionist movement, there are no words for the beauty in these paintings. Allen’s paintings are featured in the group exhibit “Impressionist - Expressionist” throughout the month of May.

Within Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village, stop into The Ascending Spirit Gallery: A Honshin Fine Art Gallery. The gallery is located on the second level in Suite A117. The workspace and gallery is as magical as the art within it. Bringing together the harmony of art’s poetry, sacredness, science and nature is what Nicolas Kirsten Honshin and fellow artists do so well.

Also while in Tlaquepaque, pop into the Mountain Trails Gallery. If your mother loves horses, this is the artistic space to visit. Canyons and horses will be featured at Mountain Trails Gallery for this month’s reception. Equine and landscape artists include: Sandra Passmore Byland, Vicki Catapano, Susan Kliewer, Mark Edward Adams, Curt Mattson and Sarah Phippen.

Other notable not-to-miss galleries located in Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village include: Renee Taylor Gallery, Rowe Gallery, Vue Gallery and The Gallery of Wholeness, Harmony and Radiance: A Honshin Fine Art Gallery.

Continuing your Mother’s Day experience on the artist’s trail, stop into the Hozho building where you will find Turquoise Tortoise, a Bryant Nagel Gallery. Stop in to see Navajo artist Frank Fowler, Jr. Fowler’s acrylic paintings represent Navajo culture and land. Turquoise Tortoise Gallery is overwhelmingly beautiful if turquoise is a favorite.

Directly across from Turquoise Tortoise Gallery stop into Lanning: a Bryant Nagel Gallery, to witness the beauty of Peter Wright & Peggy Pettigrew Stewart’s float glass.

Pilchuck studied in Spain and is one of the early pioneers of float glass. Stewart studied coldworking, sandblasting and sand carving glass with kiln forming and casting. The gallery will be showcasing its newest artists, demonstrating their unique style and process.

For more information on the Sedona Gallery Association and the 1st Friday in the Galleries event in Sedona, visit www.SedonaGalleryAssociation.com.