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Camp Verde looks to re-invest in outdated police dispatch equipment

CAMP VERDE – The Camp Verde Marshal’s Office provides dispatch service for the Yavapai-Apache, Clarkdale and Jerome police departments – in addition to dispatching its own deputies.

But the department’s existing repeater system is more than 20 years old and “past its operational life since the manufacturer no longer makes replacement parts,” according to the Camp Verde Town Council’s May 1 agenda packet.

Wednesday, council could approve a $21,583 expenditure from the town’s fiscal year 2018-2019 capital improvements budget to replace what Town Manager Russ Martin called a “critical piece that connects everybody we dispatch for.”

“It’s way past its time to be replaced,” Martin said on Monday. “The investment is to put it up there, get it all set, and hopefully last us another 20 years. It’s a much needed investment.”

In March, the Marshal’s Office solicited and received an evaluation of the repeater site “and it was recommended the repeater be replaced,” the agenda packet stated.

“The antenna itself, according to the agenda packet, is “still in serviceable condition and was not recommended to be replaced. But the aged, weather beaten antenna wiring needs to be replaced as well for better operation.”

Should the current technology fail, police radio communications “would be interrupted for days, or weeks, while parts were searched for from second party vendors, if available at all,” according to the agenda packet, which would cause “an extreme safety issue, not only for the Town of Camp Verde, but for the other communities also served by the dispatch center.”

According to the Town’s proposed fiscal year 2019-2020 budget, Camp Verde will receive a combined $210,000 for providing dispatch services to the Yavapai-Apache, Clarkdale and Jerome police departments.

The $21,583.24 quote includes parts, labor and installation.

At 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, council will hold its regular meeting in council chambers, located at 473 S. Main St., Suite 106.

A copy of the agenda is available at the Town’s website, located at

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