Sun, Aug. 18

Keeping the Village beautiful -- and healthy -- using non-toxic weed control sprays

As we begin another weed control season, Keep Sedona Beautiful asks the community to consider using alternatives to the popular, commercially available chemical herbicides used for decades. Information grows every day that some of these products may not just destroy weeds but also have long-term negative effects on the environment, including on human health.

First, of course, start by digging out all the weeds you can. Those clever long-handled weed diggers work just fine. However, when you encounter many small weeds, or a colony growth of weeds, pulling the weeds may not be practical.

The internet has a wealth of information on non-toxic weed control alternatives that you can apply, ranging from using boiling water to mixing your own eco-friendly spray. The websites and discuss six different methods. A Google search for “non-toxic weed control” will give you a multitude of options, including a range of commercial products that you can try.

Please note that KSB does not warrant product satisfaction or have any role in prescribing use and safe methods for handling weed control products. You should always follow all safety precautions. Further, KSB does not benefit from the sale of any product. However, the planet will benefit.

KSB strongly encourages you to perform your own evaluation of eco-friendly alternatives to potentially highly toxic commercial herbicides and pesticides.