Sun, Feb. 23

Letter: Community has made voice clear on re-zoning request


I have read the new proposed amended application for re-zoning by developer Chandrika Patel. 

The initial application was to shock and awe the community and then bring in the smaller amended project so the community thinks it is a compromise.

In reality it is nothing more than playing chess with the community of the VOC. This applicant knew from the very beginning that they bought residential-zoned land that may or may not be rezoned by the community (a risk all developers take when buying property).  

The investment made was in Residential dollar values when there were abundant other parcels that could have been bought at commercial rates. 

As shown by the various open house meetings, it is very evident that the community does not want this property to be re-zoned for a hotel and for many good reasons that have been brought up at each and every meeting.

Every citizen that bought their property around that area knew that their neighboring land was zoned residential and that it would be that when it became developed. 

It’s unfair to them and to the community to consider rezoning.

The essential impact has not changed from their original application other than maybe height. Not the sprawl, not the traffic impact, not the commercial footprint impact, noise impact, light impact, etc.  They have been denied re-zoning in the past. They were up against approximately 99% of nays to 1% yeas in these open house meetings and now are bringing forth another chameleon-like application that has little positive change in it.

For me and many lodging businesses that would have to compete against this unfair zoning change, it is specifically the economics that make us against this proposal. We all paid fair market prices while this developer did not. Also, we all played fair with our zoning and master plan development while this developer would get preferential treatment. “Not fair!”  Not good for the VOC.

Lastly, there was someone who said the community is not against the project and that outside forces were playing politics.  Well, not sure who that person is, but if they attended the open house meetings they could see everyone speaking was from the VOC.  Rather it is the developer who is using outside forces to help get this rezoning application through.

I want to refute the allegation that outside forces were at play in rejecting this proposal. 

Ash Patel

Chairman of the Board 2008/2009 - Asian American Hotel Owners Association. (


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