Tue, July 16

Letter: Cottonwood Airport an undeniable asset to city


I grew up across the road from an airport in Southern California that had 10 times the traffic Cottonwood Airport does and never once did I hear a single person ever complain it was too noisy. The road itself was noisier than the airport and my parents knew full well the airport was there before buying our home. In reality the airport was a good neighbor and the pride of our community. It created jobs and goodwill plus most of us enjoyed watching the air traffic, to boot.

As you know, a small group of complainers in a mobile home park near Cottonwood airport have recently been trying everything they can to hamper operations and do anything they can to close and/or limit operations at Cottonwood Airport.

This is a non-issue if there ever was one and I am writing to express my support for Cottonwood Airport and ask you to ignore these whiners. I think it was famous advice columnist, Ann Landers who frequently said “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Cottonwood Airport has been in existence for almost 100 years and should be a matter of pride for the Verde Valley. I understand even Amelia Earhart herself was at the grand opening.

Verde Valley Medical Center bases their helicopter at Cottonwood airport and are ready in moments whenever needed. Many charitable civilian aviation groups are also headquartered there and, in time of emergency, you can count on them to be there for us as well, ready to help. Saddling visitors with unnecessary fees will make them avoid the Cottonwood airport in droves since no other airports in our area charge any such fees.

Don’t let a few loud whiners ruin something good like this that is right in our backyard and has been for a long time. If the complainers want more quiet, I would suggest a short hike up into Sycamore Canyon would do the trick.

But leave the airport alone for gosh sakes.

Michael Kollwitz

West Sedona