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City of Sedona plugs in with first electric car

Chevrolet Bolt.

Chevrolet Bolt.

The City of Sedona is going “electric” and plugging into a program with Arizona Public Service.

The City of Sedona has entered into an agreement to install four electric-vehicle charging stations in the Sedona City Hall Parking lot, according to Sedona Sustainability Coordinator McKenzie Jones last Wednesday. The city is also adding an electric car to the pool of city vehicles used by employees.

The agreement between the City of Sedona and APS was approved by the Sedona City Council on July 23.

“The City of Sedona is taking advantage of APS’s program,” Jones said, “lots of other cities will also be taking advantage of this.”

The city’s three pool vehicles are used by employees or the mayor to drive to meetings, pick up mail, run errands and work at remote city sites. The cool thing is that other businesses and multi-family complexes can participate in the program too, she added,

“So hopefully through this program there will be a significant expansion of electric vehicle charging,” she added.

The “Approval of an APS Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Pilot Agreement and granting of an easement to APS for installation of charging stations,” according to the city’s website, will provide for four charging stations in the City Hall parking lot for use by city workers and the public, said Jones.

And in addition, the city is purchasing its first fully-electric vehicle to add to its employee fleet of gasoline vehicles, she said.

The charging stations will be for the city vehicle, as well as members of the public, Jones said. Customers will pay for charging their vehicles through an App., which also tells motorist locations of charging stations in their area.

The four plug-ins will be on the city hall property in the parking lot and are specifically designed for charging cars.

Jones Level 2 charging stations in Sedona allows use by the general public. She said there are at some the area hotels in town, but it’s a challenge for electric car owners staying at hotels.

Jones said they are taking advantage of the APS program to install the charging stations which is free, and Sedona only pays a added subsidy so  the service is upgraded  so it can be used by the general public. She said hopefully other communities will be take advantage of the program.

The all-electric Chevy Bolt is ready to come and will be added to the city’s vehicle pool as soon as the charging stations are installed by APS, Jones said.

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