Sun, Dec. 15

Letter: APS should have checked zoning for property before they purchased it

Editor: I have attended all of the public meetings for the proposed APS substation on 89A and keep hearing about items that should have been done, but they were not.

APS should have checked the zoning for the property before they purchased it, to see if a substation was allowed, but, apparently, they didn’t.

Also, the owner of the property should have known what it was zoned for, after all he is in real estate himself.

The town also should of checked it for zoning before they approved the minor land division, seems like a lot of people overlooked an important detail.

APS should show a detail plan on how they plan to fill the south side of the property almost 20 feet,but they haven’t.

Seems once the Town of Clarkdale approves something and all the papers are signed no one follows up.

Example when Mountain Gate put the water tank in on 89A, they were to landscape.

I was informed at one of the meetings they didn’t landscape cause there was no water.

No one knew this beforehand? How is APS going to water the landscape they plan to put in?

Look at the big picture, this substation will be there a long time. It doesn’t have to be at the entry of town, or right next to a high-pressure gas main,or right under existing residential homes that have to look down into it.

I know there are other properties along the 69k lines where it could go, I gave council a map showing three properties and the owner is willing to sale them to APS.

The Town Council has a duty to require any developer asking for a zone change and a conditional use permit, what basis prevents them from developing elsewhere.

Lynda Steele, Clarkdale

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