Sun, Nov. 17

Letter: FEAR arises out of: False Evidence Appearing Real


As Trump seems to normalize violence in this country, Jeffery Goldberg, editor in chief of the, recently wrote in an article entitled, He’s Getting Worse, ...”with Trump’s larger goal, it seem(s) to stoke fear among white Americans of dark-skinned foreigners”, and then he goes on to say, “It’s depressing to realize that we were correct (in endorsing Hillary, not for love, but fear of Trump) and it is depressing to think that there is no immediate way out of this crisis.”

We, the people, are powerful beings and we can change this crisis into a world that we want to live in. In a recent message I shared at Center of Universal Light in Cottonwood, AZ, I mentioned that FEAR = FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL.

This is bigger than just Trump’s presidency. This is a negative time-line with an ugly ending that many people seem to be riding right now. But we can shift time-lines and change this projection to something we actually want to experience rather than something we don’t want.

We must stop rehearsing in our minds and stop the practice of that…because the more we anchor ourselves into a time-line of fear, and violence against minorities the more that becomes our reality.

But it’s not my reality. Is it your reality? As a world collective we are shifting into Unity-Consciousness. We must make sure that our thoughts are matching that vibration and that’s our way out of this crisis.

FEAR arises out of: False Evidence Appearing Real.

Rev. Arvel Bird


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