Sat, March 28

Cottonwood has done its due diligence on airport noise

Let’s hope Tuesday’s presentation about Cottonwood’s noise abatement program at the municipal airport will end the months-long debate about excessive aviation noise.

The city has done its due diligence with this issue.

It bears emphasis that the level of noise generated on any given day at the Cottonwood Municipal Airport does not reach the standard for mandatory noise abatement by Federal Aviation Administration standards.

Any steps taken by the city are purely voluntary.

The city has taken those steps. In other words, the city has gone above and beyond.

Beyond that, these complaints about airport noise are more an issue of common sense than a legitimate community concern. As many times as these concerns have been raised over the past year, it’s been quickly pointed out that the airport was here first.

For decades, in fact.

It was the community that grew up in and around the airport, not the other way around. To purchase a home near an airport and then complain about aviation noise after the fact begs for credibility. That would be akin to folks who buy a home near the train depot in Flagstaff complaining about railway noise.

If aviation noise is such an irritation, you should have done a better job investigating the neighborhood before you bought your home.

Or, if it really bothers you that much, find another place to live.

A word of warning, though, about that nice quiet life in the country.

Those old coyotes can raise the roof on your home when they start howling in the middle of the night.

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