Wed, Feb. 19

Letter: Common-sense solution to immigration debate

Editor: I see that Steve Adelsman is wringing his hands publicly about what do with illegal aliens in this country other than heartlessly deporting them,and he has no answer.

I have an answer, and have advocated this for some time.

First, let me say, they are here illegally and broke the law and should be deported, but absent that:

Some of you may remember back in the mid 1960s, public service announcements on TV that said aliens in the United States must register yearly, and did so by going to the Post Office and filling out a post card.

My solution is a variant of that. Any illegal alien that has been in the country for at least two years, would need to register, be fingerprinted and photographed and given a ID card that says NON-CITIZEN on it. That would allow them to get a job, and driver’s licenses, and get a SSN.

But, in order for this to work, the following must also be made law: NO welfare benefits for non-citizens. No path to citizenship, unless they return to their original country for some period of years and apply to come in as legal immigrant, as is required now, and be allowed to take the current citizenship tests and meet all current requirements.

No criminal background, at all, if you have a record, you are not given an ID, you are deported. If you commit a crime higher than civil infraction of traffic infraction while registered, you get deported

NO “anchor baby” citizenship, change the law so that only U.S. born children of legal immigrants and citizens, are granted US citizenship.

Universal voter ID checks for any Federal election, including State senators and Congressmen. If one needs an ID to get on an airplane, or buy liquor, apply for job, and drive, it isn’t “disenfranchising” anybody to require an ID to vote. It would deprive those politicians promising free everything for everybody, votes of non-citizens.

Anybody that can’t abide by the registration and ID requirement, would be subject to automatic deportation. Having prints and photo on file would allow their identity to be verified in the event of lost ID.

It isn’t a perfect solution, but it is better than what we have now.

Doug Melton, Camp Verde

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