Sun, Aug. 18

Yavapai County supervisors to vote on tax rates Monday

Monday, Aug. 19, the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors will vote to set primary and secondary property tax rates for 2019.

The tax rates will be for the following jurisdictions under county control: Yavapai County’s primary property tax, fire district contribution, Yavapai County Free Library District, Yavapai County Flood Control District, as well as three street lighting districts and one sanitary district.

The board will also convey tax rates for all jurisdictions to the County Treasurer. The taxes the Board of Supervisors conveys, which are set by other local jurisdictions, include 18 fire districts, 18 special districts, one college, five cities and towns, and 23 school districts.

Yavapai County is required by state statute to approve the tax rates by the third Monday in August.  This process must take place after the Board of Supervisors has approved the final budget, and if the tax rate increases, the county must also hold a Truth In Taxation hearing, which took place Aug. 5.

To understand the difference between the Total Levy and Tax Rate here are some definitions and an example.

Total Primary Property Tax Levy = The total amount Yavapai County receives, from all property owners, in Primary Property Taxes.  This is only about 17% of your total Tax Bill.

Primary Property Tax Rate = Is calculated using the Total Levy, divided by the Net Assessed Value (NAV) or the overall assessed value of all properties in Yavapai County.

$55,734,999 (LEVY) / $2,765,677,072 (NAV) = 0.020152 X 100 = $2.0152 (Tax Rate)

According to a County Supervisor Association chart from 2018, Yavapai County’s 2019/2020 tax rate is lower than eight other counties in Arizona.