Thu, Feb. 27

Letter: We already have more than enough gas stations in Rimrock


Aug. 22, a meeting was convened in Cottonwood with Yavapai County Planning and Zoning to discuss the Clark’s Market Preliminary Plan.

Mr. McDonald gave an overview of the plan and presented a number of different points re the preliminary plan. One of them was about a gas island in the complex. As I recall one of the members of the panel asked where another station was. He pointed out the BC Mart was on a curve not far away.

He did not mention the other two stations in the vicinity, one being the McGuireville Gas Mart going into Rimrock off the 293 and the Conoco Station just after exiting the 293 going on to Cornville Road. Of course, there are some residents who don’t mind having the choices of buying gas from four different stations as one exits the 293.

Mr. McDonald brought out that what will make Clark’s gas island unique is that they will make points available to get the gas cheaper as other markets do for their customers.

Whether I get a few pennies off the price is not important to me but the digging a hole in the ground for some gasoline storage tanks that have the potential of leaking at some point does matter. In addition, the environmental concern is the pollution from the cars that will be pulling into the facility to shop.

This pollution from the emissions is my concern, which will add negative issues re our lung health - and for those living in the residential area immediately behind the proposed complex who get an extra load toxic cloud from the cars pulling in to shop at the proposed market, adding extra suffering to the lung health and allergies of many of our elderly folks who live on those streets behind the proposed market.

Already in the winter, folks burn wood and cloud our air with smoke and coupled with the exhaust that would loom from the parking lot of the complex, the air quality will suffer even more exponentially.

As for this resident who resides on the street behind the proposed complex, I vote ‘No’ to oppose the development, period; and to ask that P & Z to ask Mr. McDonald and the Clark’s Corporation to consider changing their present plan to exclude the gas island which would be their contribution to the health and well-being of our community. And because there are already three stations in the area.

I would welcome knowing if my request will have been heard accurately and considered if Mr. McDonald addresses the concern at the Board of Supervisor’s meeting on Sept. 18.

I am eager to attend the Sept.18 meeting.

Dorcas Gerace


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