Fri, Feb. 21

Letter: If Sedona needs affordable housing, build it in Sedona


I am writing to express my opposition to the proposed Primrose Peaks development in Rimrock, Az.

My concerns are as follows:

• Water: the water table has been dropping over the years as more and more people have moved in. This development could cause our wells to go dry and even remove the water from Montezuma Well. That would be a crime against humanity. Would these developers compensate us for the cost to deepen our well? I am told it costs $10,000 or more.

• Traffic: There is already too much traffic on Beaver Creek Road There is a one lane underpass under I-17. During rush hour there would be a lot of bottlenecks there. What if there was an emergency and first responders couldn’t get through? There will probably be more accidents.

• School overcrowding: Many of our classrooms already have 30 or more students. They can’t handle any more. This does an enormous disservice to our children who are the future of our country.

• Crime: There may be more crime in the area. We don’t have a police department.

• Taxes: Our taxes will have to go up to handle the extra school and fire dept. costs. At what benefit to us?

• Waste Water: This will smell and could contaminate our wells.

• Airport: a buffer zone is needed near the airport in case a plane goes down. Two pilots commented at the July 17 meeting that in view of this, a high density development in this area is not smart.

• Electricity: there will be an increased demand on the power grid. Is APS ready to handle it?

In short, many of us moved here because we want country living away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This will create a dramatic increase in our population.

This project is not sustainable or smart. There are so many things wrong with it boggles the imagination. If the developer wanted to build single family homes on two acre parcels, he would probably meet no resistance.

The developer talked of selling it to other investors. What then? Is there no oversight?

When Native Americans were making important decisions, they thought about how it would impact seven generations into the future. I wish that was thought about today. All too often it is the bottom line and immediate gratification.

If Sedona needs affordable housing, it should be built in Sedona.

Amy Bidwell

Beaver Creek

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