Wed, Feb. 19

Letter: Good behavior sadly lacking at Camp Verde choir performance


I attended the Camp Verde Unified School District holiday concert last night, to see my sister’s choir. High School Choir was the last group to perform, so I endured two hours of the most unbecoming audience behavior. Opening remarks addressed A) turning off phones, B) limiting conversation, and C) waiting until breaks BETWEEN songs to move about the auditorium, so as not to distract their children from their task at hand.

The most uncomfortable murmur of conversation, even PHONE CALLS, hung in the air. There was so much coming and going, people wandering between rows, standing in front of seated people, to talk to someone in the row ahead, etc. Lobby doors were propped open (likely due to children in attendance, fine) but those people who couldn’t sit quietly in the hall held loud conversation just outside the doors, some parents flailing arms, remarking that they were TRYING to disturb their child’s performance.

After the middle school choir performed, they stood at the back of the auditorium, where I sat in the very back row. I remarked to families and students around me, leaning on our seat backs, numerous times, to be respectful of their peers and their loved ones.

I’m proud of the kids who kept it together despite the myriad disruptions to the culmination of their hard work, even as people LAUGHED at soloists hitting flat notes, or pointed at children out of step. Disorderly families insulted all their preparations.

My sister stepped out of her comfort zone to join choir her senior year; I drove over an hour to be present, but was robbed of that opportunity by people lacking in awareness and common courtesy.

Be better, Fam; It’s not just a holiday thing. Be mindful of your actions. We’re in this together; start acting like it.

Jacquie Hair


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