Wed, Feb. 19

Letter: Spring Creek Ranch an unwanted intrusion to peaceful lifestyle


As residents of Cornville, we are concerned about the proposed zoning change of the Spring Creek Ranch. We would be extremely affected by this change and we ask that the change be denied.

We bought our ranch in 1991 because we were fleeing the noise, over-population, traffic, toxic air and water, and more in the Los Angeles area.

All we could see in the sky were airplanes roaring in and out of LAX and helicopters rattling low over our roof. To see a starry sky required a two- to three-hour drive east.

In Arizona we have been working hard to bring our ranch back to a natural condition without chemicals or poisons, and we are beginning to see more animals and native plants here. We are careful about Native American artifacts here. We value the Dark Skies.

If this development plan succeeds with its thousands of manufactured houses, high rise buildings, people, dogs, cats, cars, trucks, commerce, and more, all our efforts will have been in vain. We will lose the peace, quiet, clear air and water, the clear skies. The animals will lose their habitat, endangered species will die. We will again be swallowed up by big city atmosphere.

Noise, dust, pollution, concrete, asphalt , bigger roads, the natural land paved over, all to create housing and bring thousands more people into an area which contains a valuable riparian area, endangered species, a habitat for many species of plants and animals important to our environment. This will destroy the greater area.

We count on our supervisors, as our elected representatives, to support us in opposing this overwhelming change to our beautiful valley.

We have watched sadly as Sedona and Prescott have become overpopulated, paved over, citified. We have seen Oak Creek become clogged with algae and pollution from the Sedona sewage system. We see from our veranda the glow of lights from Phoenix blotting out the sky every night.

Please, we need your help to preserve this very special place.

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Scholtz


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