Wed, Feb. 19

Letter: We should welcome change that brings new jobs


Hello there, I see that they voted down the zoning in Spring Creek, well that may slow down the traffic increase a bit for now, but it still is going to be on the rise. I remember why I moved to Cornville a decade ago , as I thought Cottonwood was getting to crowded. And I do enjoy country living. It is nice here are no street lights and the nicest little schools. The post office is great, were you can find the friendliest employees who care for your needs.

Before the Family Dollar was built a great contractor, Bill Bullock, Built a beautiful large home on the hill overlooking Cornville Road The nicest couple, the Shultz’s, lived there with dogs enjoying the country life until they both died. I realize as life is enjoyed for a time this is not a permanent home, this world is always changing. LIFE GOES ON TEMPORARILY!

I remember when my dad, George Boltz gave over a hundred jobs to workers in textiles at Penn More Manufacturing at the factory on 6th St. Cottonwood, back in the seventies. They were happy for the progress and he is on page 100 in the History of Cottonwood book.

We lived on 12th Street, behind Auto Zone new location, and that is were I drove the hills of that dirt road full of rabbits running and worried for their hidden homes, filled with baby bunnies.

Soon my sister and her husband, Dane Wombacher built their home around the corner on 16th St. and raised there children. More bulldozers came and the homes sprang up. The churches then built near-by then came Walmart. Fry’s, Pennies, and Home Depot had developed a BIG clientele.

The cement came and rabbits lost there homes, but jobs were created and more people moved up from Phoenix ,east from L.A. and south from Chicago. Of course the hospital grew and after Doug Garbit was killed on Willard and *9, they put up more street lights, more Banks, Churches, and places to get food and gas of course! Meaning more jobs more people. Leaving both good and bad results.

I know my faith teaches me that the human race goes on seeking, yet my Creator did not intend this crazy world to be my eternal home. I have seen many changes in both Cottonwood and Sedona, some good and some bad, Now that I live in Cornville I welcome changes to allow the world to visit our Verde Valley and bring jobs to help our economy.

As long as they do not harm people let them come to the country stretch between Cottonwood and Sedona this won’t change the world that much. What will change the world is not building more churches, but those in church learn that this is a temporary living arrangement, and only our Creator has a better one waiting for us.

Kristie Shaf


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