Wed, Feb. 19

Letter: Welcome to Arizona, my Californian friends


To the woman who yelled “Go Back To California!” at the Anti-Trump Protesters. I am a proud descendant of frontiersmen and pioneers who were in this country before it was a country, and settled in Arizona before it was a state. The Hawkins family settled the north side of Verde River in 1875. They were ranchers and farmers and even the Verde Valley’s first dentist (in Jerome).

We, their descendants, are not all conservatives, Republicans, and Trumpers. We do not all care more about guns than we care about our fellow citizens. We do not all believe that America is a Christian country, but rather embrace separation of church and state.

We do not all believe that drugs and immigrants are necessarily a bad thing. And we do not all belong to your loony cult of the capitalist state. Like my ancestors I will work the land with my own hands, but I will never bend the knee to the cults of Mammon (pursuit of wealth) or Ba’al (Lord, i.e., the State).

Now about Californians. Some have been here in the Verde Valley longer than most others, including Arizonans. Some are vets; is this lady telling Anti-Trump vets to go home?!?.

As for you newbies, I think it is ridiculous that they NEED 3 new coffee shops, but I have to admit that some of the best people I have ever met have been Californians.

The Californians I befriended at NAU far surpassed the Yankees and Southerners, especially when it came to interpersonal behaviors and relationships (being nice).

Heck, my Verde Valley ancestors’ descendants almost all moved to Inglewood, CA. Sometimes I wish I had been born over there, mostly for the ocean, but I am an Arizonan through and through.

I would like to remind our neighbor that we are all Americans. The Constitution is the document that created our government and binds us all to it and to each other.

If any one of us were to violate Constitutional law, we would have to pay the penalty. Presidents are no different and not immune.

If this country is to survive we will need to find common ground again.

The lessons of history teach us that when a country becomes extremely polarized with no middle ground and no communication and compromise between the two sides, that horrible things can arise.

Ask any Jewish survivor of the Nazi Holocaust, they can tell you where things are headed if we do not change our ways. Welcome to Arizona, my Californian friends.

Matthew Holmes


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