Wed, Feb. 19

Letter: Is county director of developmental services right person for the job?


Mr. Dave Williams is the Yavapai County Developmental Services Director. In his own words, describes his role as being the one to interpret county ordinances and advise the county commissioners on matters that come before that body.

Even though he has no formal legal degree, Mr. Williams seems to be relied upon to provide legal determinations to the commissioners. In my opinion, this is practicing law without a license.

Mr. Williams also is charged with providing the facts to the commissioners but has repeatedly failed to supply that body with all the facts.

For example:

In a recent land use application for the commercial use of a well within a residential zone, Mr. Williams failed to inform the commission that the well was drilled without any permits.

When confronted with this fact, he told the commission that permits could be issued after the fact -- even though it was years after the violation took place.

During the rezoning hearing for the Spring Creek PAD, Mr. Williams informed the Commission that in 2010, the Board of Supervisors put a moratorium on community plans.

What he didn’t say is that it was that it was only a moratorium on county involvement in the creation and adoption into the County Comprehensive Plan due to budgetary restraints.

He also doesn’t tell anyone that the director at the time, Mr. Steven Mauk, stated that he was confident that the county could use community-visioning documents to help make decisions in the communities whether adopted or not adopted.

Mr. Williams failed to inform the Commissioners that two years later, the Board of Supervisors voted to adopt the Yavapai County Comprehensive Plan.

This plan clearly states, “consider zoning upgrades in light of community improvement, and place priority on existing community plans and input from area citizens regarding local projects”.

Placing priority on community plans certainly changes the false perception that the 2010 moratorium forbids the use of such plans.

It is not my intention to cast aspersions on Mr. Williams; I don’t know the gentleman and make no judgment on his character.

And, with all deep appreciation for Mr. Williams’ 20 years of planning experience, his job performance concerning the voters and communities of Yavapai County seems to be severely underwhelming.

Picking and choosing what information to present to the Commission, only providing information that benefits the developer, is a failure on the part of Mr. Williams to serve the citizens of Yavapai County.

Thomas Bonk


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