Fri, Feb. 28

Letter: Spring Creek was citizen advocacy at its very best


I was so pleased to see such a large turnout to hear the proposal presented to Yavapai County Planning and Zoning regarding the zoning change request for the owners/developers of Spring Creek Ranch.

Not to mention the sheer number of folks who stayed through to the end, seven hours on a weekday when most of us need to work. This was and is one of the most important issues to come up in our area in recent memory.

Please don’t lose your passion and we can’t lose our momentum in opposing this “monstroCity.” The sheer density would do nothing but have negative effects on all of our surrounding communities and does not provide the stated “affordable housing” the developers are touting.

Shame on you David Williams, manager of Land Use and Planning for the county. You all but rolled out the red carpet for Eric and Lisa Borowsky, and even conferred with them after the meeting in the common area outside of the meeting room.

Should these people be awarded PAD zoning, that’s it. They can then do whatever they want with the property.

They won’t need community input, or they could simply sell it to Spring Hill Ranch (different folks entirely) who are wanting to buy land for their Villa Bellagio development.

The members of the P&Z board who berated us for not having an alternate plan really take the cake though. We do have an alternate plan. It’s called Rural Residential, 2 acre minimum lot sizes. That’s the zoning. That’s what they can develop. We are not saying they cannot develop their own property, but it must be within the current zoning.

Lynne Ordean


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