Wed, Feb. 19

Letter: Is Trump the best president this country has ever had?


I am responding to Jim Schuller’s Letter to the Editor regarding the Impeachment.

If by now, you still don’t believe the preponderance of evidence that has been produced by various outlets (not fake), including the president’s own mouth, his released transcript of the call to Ukraine president Zelensky, asking for a “…favor though”, and the 15,413 false or misleading claims to the American people (last count by WAPO as of 12/16/2019), then what else do you need…the smoking gun from him shooting someone in the middle of 5th Avenue?

Also, Republicans’ defense of the president has been much more about process than substance. Unfortunately, the “Jim(s)” of our great country have fallen victim to Russian propaganda, heck, even some members of Congress are repeating the debunked narratives provided by Russia.

And rather than garnering their information from postings on social media outlets and Foxy News, the “Jim(s)” should read well-sourced printed articles not only about the impeachment, but about climate change, healthcare, foreign policy, etc.

I believe the president was rightfully impeached on the two Articles brought forth by the United States House of Representatives, based on sworn testimony of witnesses appearing before the House.

I, also, believe, if the president doesn’t have anything to hide, the witnesses who were subpoenaed, e.g., Giuliani, Mulvaney, Pompeo, Bolton, Kupperman & McGahn, to appear should have been allowed to testify.

In one instance, the president, himself, even claimed that he would “love” for various current and former senior members of his administration to testify and, then in the next instance, the White House issued a directive for those officials not to cooperate.

Go figure.

Sharron Ashford


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