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Travel offers needed break from fitness regimen

Magdalena Romanska

Magdalena Romanska

Happy ad Fit-Fit Holidays to you, my beloved Friends! Tomorrow, I am launching myself out onto yet another awaited, anticipated, and planned to detail transcontinental adventure.

The more I travel, the more I understand how the world is embracing me, loving me, and accepting me as I am, and how I need this kind of experience, rather than physical possessions. How safe and welcome I feel out there, wherever the respective “there” might be.

If you persevere travelling and you persevere is sports (and in any other aspect of your life), you can do so much more than you think you are capable of! If you procrastinate to go on that special trip, or launch yourself into a new fitness regime, do not wait! Just trust your guts, yourself, and your instincts and do it!

It is an expected question for me by now, after years spent travelling into remote areas of all seven continents alone: “But WHO do you go with?”. Or, with that scary disbelief suspense in the voice of my interlocutor: “Are you going ALONE?!?!?!”.

YES, I AM. I usually disarm the seriousness and grandiosity of those questions with some sort of a joke. And believe me, situations and people way closer to us than the far-away destination and unknown locals often might hurt us way more. Those who are “there”, far away, would not. They will embrace you and feel glad and show their gratitude that you are coming all the way to learn about their special place and habits and to meet them.

I have met a truly uncountable numbers of absolutely fantastic, open, loving and “safe” people during my travels. And the more I travel alone, the more I see how this reverse psychology works. People see a solo female adventurer exploring their respective place. So, they are double, I should say, triple as nice and forthcoming as if I was dragging that “safety-net” male dude with me.

From the simple Peruvian family who hosted me at their own home and shared the best baked potatoes with me (YAY, I will be passing by Peru in a few days from now!), which we ate straight from their floor – to the ice climbing specialist guides in the heights of New Zealand or remote Patagonia. From the super friendly and easy-going pilot who landed me in the middle of a pristine Alaskan lake to the guy who “smiled with his eyes” as he was explaining to me in his language how to get from one end of that immense Java forest to another, as my guide failed to report to the duty…

Faraway people and places change your attitude, mind, style, belief, and spirit. You open in the way which is simply not possible back at home. You feel embraced and super safe and excited to be there. I say, with all my being, “I love you” to my respective hosts. And they reciprocate way more than any of us would say is some sort of a “standard”.

Well, as I learned a while ago, “standards” and “norms” do not exist when you travel. You are surprised each and every day. This is why travelling, especially sold, gets so exciting! I am not any super woman. I am a petite, friendly, unsuspicious brunette dudette who just kicks her ass when needed/desired. So, if I can do it, so you can.

So, go out there and embrace it all! No matter how far you physically need to remove yourself from the daily grind to feel what I feel while travelling… and on the eve of jumping out of what some would label as my “safety net”. I never feel better or safer than while away and exploring… Happy New Year and Happy Trails! XOXO

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