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Letter: What is Camp Verde Arena Association and what is their plan?


Camp Verde Arena Association, a corporation that has filed for 501 c 3 non-profit status is made up of 10 members that have a full resume of past and present members of many different associations such as, Grand Canyon Professional Rodeo Association, Women’s Professional Rodeo Association, Verde Valley Fair Association, Verde Valley Ranger Sheriff’s Posse, Special Olympics, National Team Roping Association, FFA/PALS, National High School Rodeo Association, and Camp Verde Calvary to name a few.

We are also parents, grandparents, teachers, counselors, leaders, fire fighters, tax payers, farmers, ranchers and residents of Camp Verde. Most of us have been born and raised with family history here in the Verde Valley.

We are very passionate in what we do. This may not be everyone’s way of life but there is a huge population that it still is or once was. And as a community, as an association, we would like to foster that way of life for the next generation to come in this western heritage town.

For over seven months now CVAA and Town of Camp Verde have been working hard on research and planning for a successful, outdoor multi-use community rodeo grounds based on our Memorandum of Understanding. Which states CVAA and Town of Camp Verde will work together in a partnership to build a public venue. It is an economic development project that will be supported by a study conducted by Yavapai College. The town will basically provide the land, arena panels and the ideological support. CVAA will do most of the labor and the funds solicitation. Town of Camp Verde has allocated already $80,000 for the pre-development planning.

CVAA has worked and partnered with business owners and have received over $120,000 in engineering, surveying plans and other materials necessary thus far. CVAA also project’s over $400,000 in work, materials and labor will also be donated based on the relationships and partnerships that we have with business owners and the community that want to see this happen. They want to be part of history and they know what this will do in revenue and to the face of Camp Verde. This may be a $900,000 project, but what everyone needs to know is that CVAA is not asking for that amount of money from the Town of Camp Verde. Most of the funding will be coming from donations, grants and some enabling money from the Town as you can see already.

As the President of the CVAA I can personally assure the residents of Camp Verde and surrounding areas that we (CVAA) only want to help and work with the community and build strong lasting relationships and bring in economic revenue to our town.

Let’s put a 16-year idea into reality and bring back our western roots. Again, CVAA is not asking for $900,000, Town of Camp Verde isn’t giving away land or money. This will remain as Camp Verde’s land and money.

We would like to extend our invite to all that want to learn more of what we do, or if you would like to help/donate and support us. Please share your thoughts, comments and if you would like to join us at one of our meetings, please email me at

Mary Phelps

President - Camp Verde

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